Greenpeace sues 4 provinces for the extinction of the yaguareté

The presentation was made by Greenpeace before the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation against Salta, Chaco, Formosa and Santiago del Estero.

The Greenpeace environmental association presented a judicial protection before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation against the four provinces that make up the region of the Great American Chaco, to propose the actions that contribute to the extinction of the Yaguareté.

From the entity, it was informed in a statement that it will be presented to the Court “in the name and representation of the Yaguareté that lives in the Argentine Grand Chaco”.

He argued that it is the first time in the legal history of the country that a presentation takes place on behalf of a species and the Rights of Nature. Although there were previously legal actions on behalf of orangutans and chimpanzees, by the zoos of Mendoza and CABA, these were carried out on behalf of a specimen.

On the other hand, this amparo action is done in the name and representation of the entire Yaguareté species that inhabits the ecoregion of the Argentine Grand Chaco.

“Only 20 Yaguaretés remain in the Chaco region. Despite having been declared a National Monument, its territory is not being protected and this seriously endangers its livelihood, ”said Natalia Machain, executive director of Greenpeace Andino.

The presentation is based on the ruling of the highest court of justice last year that declared the animals subject to rights. "Accept and encourage that nature and its species have rights – their own – is part of humanity's struggle for the permanent extension of rights," Machain explained.

The lawsuit is also against the national State, for breaching the National Forest law.

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