Was Jesus an alien?

The extraterrestrial origin of Christ, as suggested in portions of the Bible, would be being hidden so as not to destroy the ancient religions of the planet. It is written in the Bible: Jesus Christ was an ET. At least so the scriptures interpret the proponents of the theory that Jesus came to our planet on a flying saucer, took human form and spread alien knowledge in the Middle East.

Religious leaders would hide the truth so as not to destroy the religions of the earth. The star of Bethlehem, which guided the wise men to the manger of Jesus, would be a spaceship, because it moved intelligently, following the journey of the nobles. The apparition of the Virgin Mary in the city of Fatima, Portugal, would be a UFO manifestation, a female-shaped robot controlled by a UFO. Jesus was sweating drops of blood because of somatic and psychosomatic features on his human body. The Man of Nazareth was not a god, but an alien ascending master who incarnated to assume a more acceptable physical standard to humans.

Jesus will return, but not in the Last Judgment. He will descend to earth in a spaceship, of course. Interestingly, however, there is no compassion in this Christ ET. Anyone who does not answer his words will be wiped from the planet. The extraterrestrial nature of the messiah can be proved by other signs, argue the theory's supporters. The angel Gabriel seen by Maria would be an astronaut from above a spaceship, hidden by the intensity of the glow of the lights. It was an ET who announced the pregnancy to the Virgin, calling on the name of God to justify his medical experiment.

The conception was actually realized by a projection of sperm through the light emitted from the UFO. There is still a dose of mysticism hidden in this so-called scientific rationalism: Jesus was "the biological body of a cosmic spiritual entity." Most have no doubt that John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin, was also an alien, as certain interpretations of the Gospels say that he had been "taken to heaven within a flying object." The entire lineage of biblical characters, from Genesis to Revelation, would be astronauts from other galaxies. The encrypted messages of the Bible, filled with figures of speech, do indeed give rise to various interpretations.

It is written in the Bible: Jesus Christ was an ET. At least so the scriptures interpret the proponents of the theory that Jesus came to our planet on a flying saucer, took human form and spread alien knowledge in the Middle East. Religious leaders would hide the truth so as not to destroy the religions of the earth.

But the plot won an enemy in 2003. Bishop Fernando Pugliese, bishop of the Brazilian Apostolic Catholic Church, said he believed in the extraterrestrial origin of Christ. Ready. A religious accepted the thesis of writer Erich von Däniken in the book Were the Astronaut Gods?: The deities came from space.

A graduate in philosophy from the Gregorian University of Rome, Italy, Archbishop Pugliese studies hidden messages in the Bible. He has his own interpretation for Christian teachings. The star of Bethlehem, which guided the wise men to the manger of Jesus, would be a spaceship, because it moved intelligently, following the journey of the nobles. The apparition of the Virgin Mary in the city of Fatima, Portugal, would be a UFO manifestation, a female-shaped robot controlled by a UFO. Jesus was sweating drops of blood because of somatic and psychosomatic features on his human body.

In Christianity, Easter marks the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, according to a controversial theory, his divine powers do indeed represent evidence that Jesus was alien.

According to the Express edition, there have been attempts since the 1960s to reconcile traditional religious teachings with our growing understanding of the universe and the questioning of the implications for human history if we are not alone.

Ufologist Barry Downing is one of many people who believe that aliens have visited Earth and influenced our history and religions.

He argues that the divine events described in the Bible are, in fact, evidence of extraterrestrial technologies that were interpreted by early humans.

To Downing, Jesus Christ was actually an alien. According to him, several episodes in the Bible are similar to modern descriptions of UFO witnesses.

Downing points to evidence of extraterrestrial activities in the New Testament Matthew Gospel, which tells of a creature descended from heaven to announce to the wise the approaching birth of Jesus. He suggested that the star who guided the sages to the stable where Jesus was born would be a UFO that guided men telepathically. that Jesus was a hybrid of alien and human.

Downing believes that Jesus was able to resurrect through the use of his advanced, not divine, alien power, and his ascension could be considered as the return to his planet.

Is the Bible itself proof that Jesus was extraterrestrial
The theory that Jesus Christ may have been an extraterrestrial entity is recent, but the main document attesting to this possibility is quite old. It is not clear who began to spread it, but its spread coincides with the study of various UFO events from the early Modern Flying Disc Age, such as the Roswell Case, the best known of all. Occurring in 1947, the episode is a classic of World Ufology and involves the crash of a ship and its recovery, along with its dead crew, by the then US Army Air Force[Na ocasião as duas armas eram uma só unidade]. As we know, it was from this event that the human being began to see as real the possibility of not being alone in the universe – and immediately began the policy of covering up this reality.

From then on, with the spread of information that there is evidence of extraterrestrial life and even direct contact between aliens and humans, the hypothesis began to arise that extraordinary facts quoted in the Bible could only actually be passages reporting UFO occurrences. But the world's best-selling book is just one of many ancient UFO documents. In various gospels, considered apocryphal by the Catholic Church – and consequently by the other Christian churches – there are various types of descriptions of immediate contact with ships and even beings, as well as in other holy books, such as the Quran, Torah, The Book. of the Spirits, The Book of the Vedas et[Veja edições UFO 089 e 162, agora disponíveis na íntegra em ufo.com.br]c.

The passages describing UFO facts, however, ended up being interpreted as supernatural phenomena, since at the time they were witnessed people had no knowledge of extraterrestrial life, the existence of other cosmic species, let alone action. here on Earth of more advanced intelligences – which is what Ufology is all about. These religious experiences thus led to the emergence of innumerable religions and a greater force that governs humanity – which exists, but not as it is described. However, in comparing such supernatural facts with typical UFO phenomena, we clearly realize that they are the same events.

The holy books that formed the basis of humanity have turned out to be misrepresenting the facts they describe, due, among other reasons, to the various translations and copies they have suffered – according to the convenience of the holders of the knowledge of each age, as priests and pastors, always eager for determine an interpretation that suits them best. This process has caused, over the centuries, the misinterpretation of phenomena that present a clear ufological reality, from simple sightings of ships to alien abductions, interpreted as apparitions of angels and miracles. From this perspective, the Bible is nothing more than a historical document containing UFO phenomena in both the Old and New Testaments. These include the main moments of the life of Jesus Christ, his birth, baptism, death and resurrection.

An impartial analysis of several biblical references leads to the conclusion that Jesus Christ was an extraterrestrial and that the Bible can be considered a UFO document that proves the millennial action of other cosmic species on earth.

Of course, the extraterrestrial origin of Jesus will never be fully proven, since the certainty of what is described in the Bible is questionable. Did his passage on this planet really happen as narrated by the apostles? There is evidence that the truth will not come out easily. Just consider, for example, how for centuries some men have altered various biblical passages, such as Emperor Constantine. He, seeing in Christianity a way to strengthen his power at the time, decided to alter certain texts and even create some with the help of his scribes.


Even with such misrepresentation, something is saved. For example, one of the most famous UFO passages in the Bible is the abduction of the prophet Elijah, carried to heaven by a chariot of fire. Christian artists portrayed this experience to the letter, that is, they drew Elijah riding a real horse-drawn carriage leading to the firmament. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, these drawings have remained in the human subconscious mind, so that as we read such a passage, we recall that portrayed picture – and not as it must have actually happened. But before being abducted, Elijah played a scene almost identical to that of Moses when he opened the Red Sea for him and his people to pass, as we can read in 2 Kings 2: 8: “Then Elijah took up his robe, wrapped Himself. He struck the waters, which split on both sides. And they both went dry. ”

It can be seen here that dividing the waters was common among God's protégés, Moses and later Elijah. In the case of Moses, some historians of our time try to explain the phenomenon by claiming that there would be a particular place in the Red Sea where, at one time of the year, the tide drops significantly and then you can just walk around. Others tried to explain the phenomenon with the use of a model, justifying that a 100 km / h wind for more than 12 hours would be able to push the waters and create a passage for Moses and his people to cross. However, these historians, in trying to understand the phenomenon, forgot to unravel the same thing that happened to Elias, only in the Jordan River, which flows into the Dead Sea, and are not so close.


From the description and interpretation of both biblical passages based on our present knowledge, we can conclude that a huge, highly powered ship was able to separate the waters, allowing the passage. Otherwise we would have to suppose that both Moses and Elijah knew the time and the exact place where great gusts would form, able to divide the waters. What's more, that in addition to prophets, Moses and Elijah were excellent meteorologists and could foresee something that not even our most modern equipment can today. In the specific case of Elijah, after the event that supposedly divided the waters, his abduction took place, reinforcing the thesis that it was a ship that did the deed. About this we can read in 2 Kings 2:11: “As they walked and talked, behold, a chariot of fire with horses of fire separated them from one another. And Elijah ascended into heaven in a whirlwind. ”

Jesuit José Gabriel Funes leads the Vatican in a long process of recognizing intelligent extraterrestrial life
Jesuit José Gabriel Funes leads the Vatican in a long process of recognizing intelligent extraterrestrial life
This biblical passage, as described, makes it clear that it was a flying saucer sucking Elijah into it, perhaps through the traction rays so commonly described by modern abductees[Veja edição UFO Especial 045, agora disponível na íntegra em ufo.com.br]. If it had been a horse-drawn carriage, as it was interpreted, the alleged vehicle would have landed, Elijah would have climbed aboard and flown into the sky. But that was not what had happened: to such a “chariot” he preferred to suck Elijah up into a whirlwind. Moreover, how can one imagine that God, who has so many powers, would need a chariot to carry the prophet to heaven? Well, a snap of fingers …


Another obvious case of UFO sighting in the Bible is recorded in the first book of the prophet Ezekiel. In it, the entire opening chapter is a detailed description of events linked to the manifestation on Earth of other cosmic species. We can start from Ezekiel 1: 1 as it reads: “It happened in the thirtieth year, on the fifth day of the fourth month, that while I was in the midst of the exiles by the river Chebar, the heavens were opened, and I had visions. God's". If God is omnipresent and omnipotent, as the Catholic Church has taught us, He would not need to open the heavens to arise, for He would simply arise under any circumstances. But this is not what the prophet had described in Ezekiel 1: 4: “I looked, and behold, a stormy wind was coming from the north, and a great cloud, with fire swirling and brightness around it. In the midst of this, something like shiny metal, coming out of the fire. ”

This is an obvious description of a flying saucer, such as thousands that exist in the UFO literature – indeed, a description so rich and detailed that it surpasses many current reports of UFO sightings. If indeed it were God who appeared in the midst of a great cloud with fire, as it is in the original passage, no shining metal would be needed in its midst. And once again, why would God need such a triumphant entrance? The mere fact that He appeared out of nowhere, as if teleported, would make the witnesses even more intrigued. And if He is God, teleportation should not be a problem …

The millennial Vatican records would contain the true information about the cosmic origin of Jesus Christ
The millennial Vatican records would contain the true information about the cosmic origin of Jesus Christ
Another proof that the biblical passage refers to a flying saucer is in Ezekiel 1:17: "As they walked, they could go in four directions, and not turn when they went." What further interpretation can we give to a flying object? Of course, one of aeronautical nature. And in this case, we know that if the object observed was an airplane, it would have to turn to fly the other way. In the case of a helicopter, it might return without turning around, but there were no helicopters at that time. Thus, neither this hypothesis nor the divine thesis, the description can only fit into the category of current flying saucer reports, extremely mobile ships flying everywhere and doing unimaginable maneuvers for our current flying devices.

Angels and Gods or just UFOs and ETs?

The following passage further reinforces the UFO explanation. In Ezekiel 1:18 we have that, “their crankshafts were high and frightening. And on all four wheels they were full of eyes all around. ” The mentioned eyes can be interpreted as the lights existing in the flying saucers. Otherwise, we would have to suppose that God would have several eyes, which conflicts with our knowledge of him – if we were created in his own image and likeness, then we should also have several eyes. The curiosities continue in chapter 3 of Ezekiel's book, where there are even more UFO descriptions, making the prophet one of the biblical characters who had the most contact with God – or rather with extraterrestrials.

Since the beginning of time, angels and gods – or other supernatural beings – have interacted with humanity, as reported in the religious books. But interestingly, this is something that no longer occurs, since the current understanding would allow us to distinguish which phenomenon is being manifested and which is its causative agent. Otherwise, the numerous cases of alien abduction already documented by UFO researchers across the globe would simply be narratives of people having contact with angels, gods, or even demons. In some parts of the Bible, for example, it is reported that angels looked a lot like humans, so much so that they walked among us and aroused no curiosity – as was not the case with the archangels, superior beings.

In the same Bible that deals so thoroughly with angels, there are strangely few passages about archangels – and the most famous of them is undoubtedly Metatron. He also appears in Kabbalah and is described as "a supreme and extremely powerful angel" rather than Michael. But Metatron's description bears no resemblance to that of a conventional angel described in the scriptures. Metatron was a being with 72 wings, being 12 pairs of six, and countless eyes. This in addition to being taller than all angels, with something 2.5 and 4 m high. If we did not have the protection of knowledge already achieved by Modern Ufology, this description would lead us to think that it was a monster, not an archangel. Hence the most appropriate thesis to explain its manifestation is that the aforementioned archangel was nothing more than a ship with lights and winglike artifacts. Precisely for this reason Metatron is described as "mightier than the angels themselves and not as powerful as God."

Paying attention to the biblical descriptions, we find that angels had the simple role of messengers between the heavens and humans, while the archangels were ships, vehicles of transport. But not as powerful and glittering as God, who should use a much larger ship. The whole point is that if we interpret the Bible with our current worldview, it is reasonable to assume that both God and angels were extraterrestrial entities acting on their own ships. This explains many things that could not be understood before, and which were therefore viewed as supernatural phenomena. After all, everything that man does not know enough ends up in supernatural tones.


So far only passages from the Old Testament, written centuries before the advent of the birth of Jesus Christ, have been cited. However, even the New Testament contains descriptions of immediate contact with alien ships and extraterrestrial beings, especially when it comes to Jesus. In fact, the ufological facts that surround him happen even before his birth, with his mother, Maria. Since your pregnancy a sequence of supernatural events has been noted. Maria's mother, named Ana, was barren and elderly, in her 80s when she was visited by an “angel” who told her she would get pregnant. It was then that she gestated and gave birth to Mary, who, after growing up, married Joseph, also an elderly man. He was traveling when another angel appeared to his wife and also told him that he would be pregnant with the Holy Spirit.

In the light of Modern Ufology, with such descriptions we can assume that Mary was indeed a hybrid being, and that from her mother extraterrestrials prepared her to beget Jesus Christ, the son of God – who, after all, could not be conceived. in any uterus, but in one that had the proper conditions, that is, that of a hybrid being previously prepared and compatible with what it would receive. Otherwise, God would have chosen any woman and not one born of a miraculous pregnancy at the very least. Likewise, we can assume that Jesus was artificially inseminated through a very advanced procedure, something that would not have been possible until the last century, but today is an easily performed procedure. If not, how would Mary have become pregnant as a virgin?

Ufologists who study the Bible claim that much of the fact contained in the Bible can be explained as the action of UFOs and ETs.
Ufologists who study the Bible claim that much of the fact contained in the Bible can be explained as the action of UFOs and ETs.
Going a little further into history, until the moment of the birth of Jesus Christ, we have the first UFO description that surrounds him in Matthew 2: 9, which describes the action of the Magi: “After hearing the king, they departed. And behold, the star which they saw in the east preceded them, until, when they came, they stood over where the boy was. Researchers around the world try to explain this scene as some unusual star conjunction, the supposed passage of a comet or planet, and even the explosion of a supernova. The point, however, is that none of these events could explain this passage accurately. The passage clearly says that a star preceded the wise men, and that it stopped right where Jesus was. Now no comet can stop its trajectory and planets and supernovae do not walk through the sky. We need more reasonable explanations.


Even if the maneuvers described – the crossing and then the sky stop – took place, it would be very coincidental for a comet, planet or supernova to perform its trajectory just above where Jesus was born. However, if we interpret such a passage from a UFO perspective, we see that the "star" was simply an artifact such as those described by so many witnesses, sometimes under the name of UFO probe, sometimes as a flying saucer or even as the foo-fighters of the Second. Great war Moreover, in the Gospel of James there is a mention that Mary gave birth to Jesus in a cave that was shadowed by a bright cloud. Suddenly, the cloud would have come out of the cave and inside it shone a light so strong that Maria's eyes could not resist. Also described in the same text is the scene of the Star of Bethlehem, but as having landed on the entrance to the cave where Jesus was born.

Such descriptions, whether from a UFO or even any other perspective, definitely exclude comets, planets, or supernovae, and equally definitely include the UFO Phenomenon. Was it for this reason that Constantine chose to leave out the Bible as we know many of his original books? And why, when the ufological phenomena of today begin to become more frequent, coincidentally the Catholic Church comes to public through its members or their publications to say that in fact extraterrestrials exist and are our brothers, as did the Jesuit in 2008 Jose Gabriel Funes, official Vatican astronomer? If someo[Veja edição UFO 143, agora disponível na íntegra em ufo.com.br]ne had said something similar a few centuries ago, they would surely have died at a bonfire of the "Holy" Inquisition.


Other UFO events in the life of Jesus Christ also involve his baptism, as reported in Mark 1:10: "As soon as He came out of the water, He saw the heavens tear and the Spirit descending like a dove upon Him." Here a ship receives the curious description of a dove, but it cannot be accepted to be one at all. Certainly, as in previous cases, it is a vehicle that tears the heavens and sheds light on Jesus Christ so that the people around him would know that He was the Messiah. And continuing in Mark 1:11, "Then came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in me I am well pleased." Surely such a voice came from inside the ship through some kind of loudspeaker, something commonly reported at that time. Several prophets, even before Jesus, received instructions through this instrument. All very well designed by the aliens to make humans think they were gods.

In this same chapter of the Bible we see that Jesus was also abducted. It's in Mark 1:12: "And immediately the Spirit drove him into the wilderness." That is, a ship took him to another location. Further on is what is conventionally called the Transfiguration of Jesus, according to Matthew 17: 2: “And he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his garments became white as the light. The narrative is once again paralleled in UFO literature, when it is deduced that a ship hovered and cast one of its powerful lights upon Jesus, making it different in its effect. Later, in Matthew 17: 3, we see, "And, behold, Moses and Elijah appeared unto them, talking with him." As we already know that Elijah had been abducted earlier, it is assumed that he had now returned to the same ship, this time with Moses. Some will say that Moses died and was not taken, according to chapter 34 of Deuteronomy, but it is necessary to remember that in the same biblical book, before mentioning that Moses died, God was showing him places that could only be seen at high altitude, that is, from inside a ship.

Angels, saints and even demons may have an alien explanation
Angels, saints and even demons may have an alien explanation
After that, he said that God buried Moses in a valley, but no one to this day knows where it is. Had he been taken with Elijah and then returned in the transfiguration episode? Finally, the last UFO episode of the life of Jesus occurs, according to the Bible, when he rises. This is called the Ascension of Jesus, and Luke 24:51 reads about it: "It came to pass, as he blessed them, that he departed from them, and was lifted up into heaven." Here again we have a typical case of alien abduction, this time followed by a message saying that Jesus will return as he was, that is, by means of a spaceship. See also in Acts 1:11: “And they said unto them, Galilean men, why are you looking on high? This Jesus, who was a subject among you, will come to heaven as you have seen him ascend. ”

Finally, the biblical examples for the theory that Jesus Christ was an entity of extraterrestrial origin are innumerable and we would need a book to analyze in depth all the cases mentioned here and the like, as well as to analyze the other ufological descriptions that abound in the Bible and in other holy books. However, only from these examples can it be concluded that if Jesus was not an alien, then it could only have been someone who had a lot of contact with such beings until he was taken by them – although such a hypothesis does not explain their healing powers. and even of resurrection, from him and others, something that an ordinary human could not do. Finally, the Bible's final characterization as a document confirming that Jesus was an extraterrestrial comes from the phrase he himself uttered: "My kingdom is not of this world."

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