NASA makes its entire public library accessible, free and free

NASA has made its entire library public and free. With this, about 140,000 photos and other documents can be consulted online and still remain free to use, provided the source is indicated.

With a collection that includes images, sounds and videos, the novelty of the United States Space Agency promises to make the fans of space and curious in general. A search tool allows you to search for specific terms in the company database.

In the library, which can be accessed at this link, there are from astronaut photos, NASA events and rocket launches to images captured in outer space. You can select only photos, videos or audios, as well as filter search results according to the year.

According to the terms of use of the library, the content can be used by schools, media vehicles and authors of books without needing to request express permission, provided they have informed the appropriate credits.

Just look at some of the images available in the collection:



It is also important to note that some of the content disclosed by the company may have copyright – in this case, the conditions will be indicated on the site itself, next to the name of the rights holder. In addition, the conditions for use of all material in advertisements or marketed items may vary, including use in movies or documentaries. See more details on using the images here.

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