Matador of Bulls Hilda Tenorio receives a swim in the face (PHOTOS)

  The Matador Hilda Tenorio received a swim in her face during a bullfight this May 3 in the reliquary at the fair in Puebla. The matador tried to apply a lance but when he knelt, the bull reached Hiriéndola in the jaw. HTTPS://×400.jpg in the beginning it went down that his tongue was shattered but this was not so, But they did take her out of the ring full of blood. The matador was assisted by paramedics who arrived in the square and then transferred to a hospital. Tenorio is the first woman to take the alternative in the big Square, the largest in the world and is known for its tenacity in the ring. She started Novillain since she was 16 and is not the first time she gets a wound of this type. You can read: Pornstar naked actress at the fair Puebla

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