Pyramid-shaped UFO over 60 meters appears in Rio Grande, and is described by pilot and people at the airport as being larger than a stadium!

One of the most amazing and iconic UFO cases reported by 4 aviation professionals! Based on a History Channel documentary

In Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on October 5, 1996 an airplane pilot saw an unusual object flying over the state while flying. Without thinking about the consequences, the pilot went to the unidentified flying object to examine it closely. But the object in question was so large that it was easily seen from the ground.
Pilots are considered privileged witnesses, but their reports are rarely reported in the field of aeronautics. Pilots do not always report what they saw because they are embarrassed that they know they could lose their jobs. So they end up with some restrictions so that they do not report anything about the UFO subject, as in the pilot training area themselves, they are advised not to address the UFO theme to maintain their reputation!

The Case of Rio Grande do Sul

On a quiet morning in 1996 Haroldo performed his air routine aboard his private plane. But little did he know that he was about to fly near one of the strangest objects he'd ever seen in his career. As a stunt pilot he did not hesitate to make risky maneuvers to approach and examine a titanic UFO.

Haroldo Westendorff's Report:

"I took off from Porto Alegre at exactly 8:30 am Saturday, the day was practically good, with a good visibility (…). And I came in this flight pattern controlled by the Brazilian air traffic control … ! "

According to Gilberto dos Santos, one of the witnesses of the event, it was a completely different day! He and 2 other friends who worked at the airport were talking, near where the aircraft landed. That morning was pretty pretty, almost cloudless, with a great view of the sky!

As Harold approached Pelotas while making the procedure for the city of Capão do Leão, he saw on his left a strange object over the Ducks Pond. Not knowing what the object was about, Haroldo warns the tower, where Gilberto dos Santos was, and asks: "Do you see what I am seeing?!"

* Pelotas Airport did not have a radar capable of detecting the presence of a foreign object.

Upon receiving the warning from Haroldo, Gilberto and his friends look towards the Lagoa dos Patos where the object was, and what they saw when looking towards the direction of the lagoon left them impressed !!!

The object that flew over the Lagoa dos Patos made a huge giant shadow on the ground, according to Gilberto who looked impressed at the object, the size was about a football stadium!

Even though the UFO was far away from Gilberto Airport and his 2 friends, they could see the object well, and were curious to know what that huge floating island could be.

In order to know more about this the phenomenon Haroldo moves closer to the object, getting very close to it, and with 20 years of flight the pilot could not define or explain what could be what he was seeing.

Gilberto, after observing the object for a few minutes, realizes that apart from its enormous size, the object was shaped like a "pyramid", further enhancing the mystery surrounding this UFO!

Harold decides to get even closer to the object, which flew above the island of Sarangonha. At this point the pilot finally gets very close to him, and had the opportunity to have a flight of approximately 15 minutes around and following this UFO, which was moving at 5000 feet.

Maneuvering very carefully the pilot tries to get closer and closer to this colossal object that slowly moves through the sky!

Turning around 5 to 6 times around the object can give you a full view from above and below. In this flight time it was only more obvious that Harold was seeing an object he had never seen in his entire flight career!

Harold describes the object with various protrusions, and rotating, not exactly round, having about 8 sides, similar to a pyramid. Its color was bright dark bronze.

Following Harold's description of this object, there were apparently no air vents or anything. Its top was well rounded like a dome.

At the end of the fifth lap around the object something even more incredible happens, the dome above the object opened. At 60 meters in its original shape, the object began to take another form, opening a kind of floodgate making the pilot nervous.

Things start to get even more frightening when the pilot realizes that the object he was following could be a mothership, due to the fact that when opening the floodgates, a smaller "Flying Saucer" pops out of it. The disc that came out of the floodgate stopped in the sky, tilted 45% degrees and shot at incredible speed, making Haroldo lose sight of it in 1 second.

Realizing that the ship was still open, the pilot approaches again in an attempt to look inside this object. But the pilot realizes that the ship was once again acting strange. Spinning a little faster, the ship begins to fire a huge beam of reddish light from the open side. That was when the huge UFO accelerated at the same speed as the smaller UFO, and quickly disappeared from the field of view.

Gilberto dos Santos and his 2 friends who watched everything from the ground, were surprised at how fast such a large object could accelerate to the point of disappearing in seconds. Remembering that this is a report of an experienced pilot named Haroldo with 30 years of career, and 20 years of flight, who decided to break the silence to tell the truth to everyone!

All the witnesses like Haroldo, and the other 2 employees who were with Gilberto watching everything, are experienced people and flight specialists! Did these people really get confused with some other object ?!

The 1996 event coincides with what thousands of witnesses reported across the continent on the same day, and as in other cases there is no doubt that something happened, although one can never explain exactly what happened.

Imagine if every airplane pilot, if anyone with any experience in commercial, military, and many other flights, decided to open their mouths to report their experiences!

Thanks to the courage of the harold pilot, who not only opened his mouth to report it to the whole media, but also followed the UFO to collect as much information as possible, all in order to answer the question everyone wants answered. Is there intelligent life off earth ?! After the report of these professional pilots, and aviation technicians, you decide …

Source: History

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