The third agro-glyph of the European season arises in Hampshire

A beautiful agroglyph emerged this June 11, in Hampshire, UK, 8 days after the most recent crop circleingles, which appeared in Long Wood, also in Hampshire. The first drawing of the season appeared in France on June 1st.

The new design is in the Owslebury region, near an important highway that cuts through the area, Belmore Lane. Owslebury is a village and civil community in the county of Hampshire, in the south of England, about 8km from Winchester. It is located within the administrative district of the city of Winchester.

In the aerial view, the agroglyph appears near the intersection of the Belmore Lane highways with Long Wood – the agro-glyphic region of June 3rd.

This new design presents an impeccable formation, with symmetry and care characteristic of the genuine agroglyphs of the region. Its shape resembles a moving wheel and its 8-helix circle reminds us of spinning energy coils clockwise, as well as the passing of time on the clock.

Although the symbology is strong, it is unknown what the real meaning of the message of the agroglyph: something that intrigues researchers today. This is no different.  Speculation has just begun, but it already indicates a great relationship with dynamics and something moving with speed.

Was it time? The sun? Energies? Forces acting? Changes? Anyway, it suggests something that comes quickly to our world, as is this phenomenon arising overnight.

See the photos and videos of the new, beautiful and powerful agroglifo of the 2019 season:




This month, the editor of Revita UFO A. J. Gevaerd will take on his trip to the UK those interested in researching the phenomenon in full season of agro-glyphs. To learn more about the research trip and how to participate, go to Viaje com Gevaerd.

English Agro-glyphs Research Trip

A journey to the knowledge of one of the most intriguing phenomena of Ufology

June 22-30, 2019 | Wiltshire | England

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