Father and son create 51,000 hive colonies to save bees from extinction

The world population of bees and their colonies of hives has declined year after year, but a father and his son have done all that is possible to curb this trend.

Stuart and Cedar Anderson spent ten years studying ways to harvest honey without disturbing the bees. The solution was to create a "flow hive".

The invention perfectly reproduces a beehive, does not put the bees at risk when the honey is harvested and was financed through an online kitty.

In 2015, "Flow Hive" raised $ 12.2 million and became the most successful collective financing campaign in the history of the internet.

After 4 years, the artificial beehive helped create more than 51,000 new colonies of hives, increasing the overall number of bee colonies by 10%. A mark!

"The starter rate for beekeeping has doubled in just a decade," said Kim Flottum, editor of Bee Culture.

Stuart and Cedar sent the colonies to 150 different countries in the last four years. With declining bee populations around the world, the company also decided to donate part of its profits to bees' advocacy groups.

Many of the problems bees currently face are caused by pesticides and invasions in their natural habitats.

"We know insects as a whole are dwindling," says Cedar Anderson. "We know the bees are fighting. We know that the way humans use pesticides and how we grow is not the best for our pollinators. We need to change that. "

A spectacular invention, with a purpose more than necessary!

See the video:

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Source: Nation / Photos: Reproduction / Bee Culture

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