Goodbye coffins! Organic capsule turns dead people into trees

The idea of the "life cycle" appeals to many people regardless of faith. In a nutshell, it's life turning to life – death is in the background.

The Italian project The Capsula Mundi is a perfect representation of this concept.

Developed by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, the design consists of an organic and biodegradable capsule that is capable of turning a decomposing body into nutrients for a tree.

First, the body of the deceased is placed inside the capsule and then buried. Then a tree or a seed is planted on top to take advantage of the organic matter.

The project came from the idea of creating an ecologically sustainable alternative to coffins


Each client can choose their favorite tree


It's the transformation of the cemetery …


… in a forest of memories!

That without knocking down trees to produce coffins …

… but planting various types to generate more life.


The project is bold and tinkering with secular traditions, so it has not yet been put into practice. Italy has restricted burial laws.

I found the solution incredible. Turning graveyards into places full of trees (life) is a great way to rescue good memories of the people who are gone.

What do you think of being buried and giving life to a tree?

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