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Scientists are in shock: Scientist confirms that aliens have created the human race

Were there civilizations of advanced humans scattered throughout the galaxies? A group of researchers working on the Human Genome Project made an impressive discovery! The results of the study made the Christians angry.

They believe that 97% of human DNA that is formed, by so-called "uncoded sequences", are nothing less than genetic codes of extraterrestrial life forms. Uncoded sequences are common in all living organisms on Earth, from cells to fish to humans. They constitute a large part of human DNA, says Professor Sam Chang, leader of the group.

The uncoded sequences, originally known as "DNA-GARBAGE", were discovered years ago and their function remains a mystery. The overwhelming majority of human DNA comes from outside our planet. These obvious "extraterrestrial garbage genes" simply "enjoy the ride" with the other active genes passing from generation to generation. After extensive analysis with the assistance of other scientists as programmers, mathematicians and other academic scholars, Professor Chang wondered if the obvious human DNA-GARBAGE was created by some sort of "extraterrestrial programmer." "Alien chains within human DNA have their own veins, arteries, and their own immune system that resists vigorously all kinds of known anti-cancer drugs," notes Professor Chang.

Professor Chang also states that "Our hypothesis is that a higher form of extraterrestrial life was concerned with creating new forms of life and planting them on various planets. Earth is just one of them. Perhaps, after programming us, our creators took care of creating us how we create bacteria in laboratories. We do not know their motives, whether it was to be a scientific experiment, or a way to prepare new planets for colonization, or whether it is a long-term job of seeding life in the universe. "

"If we think about it in human terms, the so-called" extraterrestrial programmers "were probably working on a" big code "consisting of several projects, and those projects must have produced many life forms for various planets. They also must have tried various solutions. They wrote "the big code," they executed it, did not like some functions, changed it or added new functions, ran it again, made improvements, tried again and again. "

In addition, Professor Chang's research team concludes that "The" alien programmers "may have been ordered to exclude all their idealistic plans for the future when they focused on the" Earth project "in order to complete it in due time. Probably in a hurry the "extraterrestrial programmers" drastically cut the "big code" and delivered it only with the basic features planned for Earth.

Chang is only one of several scientists and other researchers who have discovered extraterrestrial origins for Humanity.Chang and his colleagues show that apparent gaps in DNA sequencing, precipitated by an alleged rush to create human life, presented the human race with the illogical disordered growth of cells we know from cancer.

A pastor from the state of California in the United States gave his opinion recently in a short interview: '' This is impossible, we know that man was made of clay, so says the word of God and it is unchangeable, this is certainly the work of enemy to drive people out of the way of the Lord, because in the bible it is written that God is God for ever and whoever believes in him will be saved, otherwise he will be condemned. The truth is in the bible, '' he concluded.

Professor Chang further points out that "what we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a basic code and a large code." Chang then states that "the first fact is that the entire program was absolutely not written on Earth, that is a confirmed fact. The second fact is that genes, by themselves, are not enough to explain evolution, there must be something more "in the game." "Sooner or later," Chang says, "we will have to face the unbelievable idea that all life on Earth carries genetic codes from our" extraterrestrial cousins "and that evolution did not go the way we thought." Source: Daily mail uk

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