The Chinese government has discovered an extraterrestrial base that runs on the Moon

All astronomy enthusiasts and not only wonder why mankind has not returned to the moon.

There is a theory that mankind has not been on the Moon for reasons other than official ones.

Michael Salla made a rather disturbing statement about the space agency’s refusal to return to the Moon. It looks like the Moon has a very intense activity. There are statements that Earth’s natural satellite has huge bases run by extraterrestrial beings.

These bases would have two main purposes: the first research and the second would be military.

To support these hallucinating allegations about alien foundations, the Chinese government released photos of some artificial constructions on the Moon.

On the pictures, you can see quite clearly an artificial construction. These pictures made public by the Chinese government further strengthen the hypothesis of intense extraterrestrial activity on the Moon.

More and more people now believe that China has already been in contact with alien entities on the moon.

This hypothesis would justify the huge sums China has begun to allocate for the development of new technologies and for the Chinese space agency.

The interest of the Chinese would be certain minerals on the Moon. And to exploit them, China would have made a pact with the alien race on the Moon.

However, given human nature, we should realize that somewhere in the future this alliance will collapse. Most likely because of us.

Watch the video below to see all the evidence on these extraterrestrial bases on the Moon:

Watch the following video and see for yourself:


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