Billionaire uses fortune to build yacht that will collect 5 tons of plastic a day from the oceans

Unlike most of his peers, the Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke was not born rich nor came from a wealthy family. Before becoming the owner of almost the entire fleet of the financial conglomerate Aker ASA and reaching an estimated fortune of almost $ 3 billion, Kjell was a fisherman. So, all his work and his achievements he owes to the sea – and that is why now he has decided to reciprocate.

And his desire for retribution to the oceans is not discreet: Kjell will invest a portion of his money in building the world's largest yacht – he will not, however, serve the pleasure or pleasure of navigation. The boat was designed to collect about 5 tons of plastic from the water daily – the ambition of the entrepreneur is therefore to collect all the plastic criminally dumped into the sea.

Dubbed the REV (Research Expedition Vessel), the yacht will still act as a major navigational research center, with laboratory, auditorium, underwater vehicles, drones and the ability to receive up to 60 scientists for work. The ship will be equipped with several systems so that its environmental impact is the smallest possible. Studies on climate, fisheries, biodiversity and marine life will be conducted within the vessel – which should operate at full capacity by 2020. Unfortunately, by then many more tons of plastic have been thrown into the sea – the yacht will have a lot of work ahead of it.

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