They fear "superterremoto" by displacement of geyser in fault of San Andres

First, a geyser in the San Andreas Fault alerted citizens of a California county in the United States; now the earthquake of magnitude 6.4 that occurred in the same state of the American Union on Thursday July 4, 2019, make fear for a possible superterremoto.

In the region of Saltón Lake, California, the mysterious displacement of a geyser full of water, mud and carbon dioxide, dating from the fifties, has frightened the population.

The reason for this fear is simple: Lake Saltón begins the San Andreas fault, and the one that a geyser has moved there. The foregoing led Susanne Jänecke and a group of geologists at Utah State University to anticipate a possible super-earthquake. His hypothesis was raised in the journal Lithosphere.

This displacement is not recent, since it has happened for several years. What alarmed the population is that its speed increased in recent months.

However, geologists gave another piece of information that can reassure Californians. The next great earthquake would occur in a remote area of a populated place.

Fortunately, the northern continuation of the San Andreas Fault is much further away from any town massively than we previously thought.

The comments of the specialists have not prevented local authorities, such as those of Imperial County, California, to ensure that the geyser moves 18 meters per day, a speed much higher than in recent years: 18 meters after several months.

It is estimated that the geyser has moved more than 780 meters since 2008.

For his part, Alfredo Estrada, Fire Chief of Imperial County, assures that the displacement of the geological formation is "a slow disaster".

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