Designer creates shampoo packaging made of soap that disappears at end of use

In recent years, numerous design solutions have been considered, especially in an attempt to reduce the use of plastic – one of the biggest challenges of the century.

Edible straws are already being used to replace traditional plastics, as well as these shampoo and cosmetic bottles made of soap, which fade as they are used. How had no one thought of it to this day?

Developed by Chinese designer Mi Zhou, the idea is as simple as it is ingenious. Research shows that one person uses an average of 800 plastic shampoo bottles in their lifetime, a huge amount if we think the world today houses more than 7 billion people. In view of this, these packages represent more than one solution, but the way out to a more sustainable world.

Her solution was to offer a package that lasts up to 2 months, greatly reducing our impact on the environment. The innovative products were the result of her graduation work at Central Saint Martins – London University of Arts, where she completed her postgraduate studies in industrial design. An idea that can revolutionize our relationship with consumption, but especially with the environment!

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