July will have eclipses of the Sun and Moon and both can be seen from Brazil

July 2019 will have two eclipses and both will be visible from Brazil, albeit partially.

On July 2, there will be a total solar eclipse but for a good part of South America, including Brazil, it will be partial. Already on July 16, there will be a partial lunar eclipse, when it will be possible to observe part of the covert Moon.

Eclipses of July 2019

Total solar eclipse of July 2

According to astronomer Thiago Signorini Goncalves, press coordinator of the Brazilian Astronomical Society (SAB), the solar eclipse of July 2 will only be fully visible in a narrow strip of sky in Chile and Argentina. "In that case, the sky will be really dark for about 4 minutes depending on the location."

Unless you are traveling there, it will be harder to see this change in the sky. That's because, in the rest of South America, including Brazil, the eclipse will be partial. Thus, it will be possible to see part of the overcast sun, but it will not be totally dark.

If you will be in Brazilian lands, the best location to catch the phenomenon is more South / West. "Porto Alegre will be able to see more than half of the Sun hidden, already in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, it will be more difficult," says the astronomer.

Thiago explains that, in any case, the eclipse will happen during the sunset. That is, the Sun will already be close to the horizon, setting, in most places, even before the partial eclipse ends. In Rio Branco, in Acre, however, the Sun will be higher in the sky.

According to NASA, the United States space agency, the total eclipse will begin at 4:38 pm in La Serena, in the Region of Coquimbo, Chile. In Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Argentina, it will be seen in full at 4:44 pm (1744 GMT), disappearing after sunset.

What is a solar eclipse?

Solar eclipses happen when the Moon is placed between the Sun and the Earth, projecting a great shadow. In August of 2017, the United States witnessed the total phenomenon, which only partially happened here in Brazil.

In fact, there will only be a total solar eclipse visible from Brazil on April 30, 2041. In South America, after the phenomenon of July 2, 2019, the next total solar will only occur on December 14, 2020.

Why do you need to protect yourself to see solar eclipse?

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