The Brazilian Meteorological Monitoring Network (BRAMON) is composed of hundreds of operators throughout Brazil that aim to point cameras to the sky and capture the famous "shooting stars" – popular name for the meteor phenomenon. One of these stations, operated by Edgar Mendes Merizio and located more precisely in the city of São José do Ribamar, in Maranhão captured what appears to be a unique event in Brazilian astronomy: nine meteors at a time.

The cause of such a phenomenon is still uncertain, but one of BRAMON researchers says that "it is very rare, but it may be a little cohesive meteoroid that starts before reaching the atmosphere," said Marcelo Zurita, a member and technical director of network.

Some researchers also say that the phenomenon may be associated with "that could be a single body and that by tidal effect broke and generated this multiplicity of meteors. Or they are part of the trail of a new or already cataloged meteor shower. "

Similar captures have already been made by members of BRAMON, however, unlike them, the capture held at dawn this Wednesday, were filmed nine and can be a unique event in national and world astronomy. "We had already recorded multiple meteors before, but never with so many fragments," the network said in a statement on social media.

Given the rarity of the phenomenon, it is natural that there is little information about its occurrence. In the future, and with more catches like this, astronomers will finally be able to determine the actual cause of this event. Learn how to set up your BRAMON station and help them get even more sky coverage in Brazil.

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